What our customers say…

Our 11 year old Gordon Setter Ralf has arthritis in both his hips, seeing Stuart has helped greatly with his range of movement. Our aim is to keep Ralf comfortable and active, seeing Stuart is definitely helping us with this goal. Stuart’s attitude, great knowledge, along with kind confident handling has gained Ralf’s trust so that Ralf is not fazed by his visits and in fact is pleased to go to the practice.

Lesly Robson

Jessica was showing intermittent hind unsoundness after a slip while hacking on the road. She had a shortened stride & was brushing. Stuart came out to see her, assessed her, found the issue straight away & did some chiropractic adjustments. She had two days rest following the treatment and has been completely sound with no brushing or shortening since, the one visit was all it took & she is now back to herself & has been schooling, jumping & hacking with no further problems. Would not hesitate to recommend Stuart.

Emma Lingley

Last spring Jim came in from the field one morning seriously lame on his left hind leg. The cause of the lameness was unknown as we didn’t know if he’d fallen or twisted in the field. The vet was gravely concerned & he was put on box rest while we played the waiting game. After many weeks box rest Jim came sound enough to go on field rest but something was still not quite right, Stuart came and assessed him in the summer and found his pelvis to be out. He started chiropractic treatments with Stuart which are on going & has since competed in his first dressage competition, galloped several stubble fields & enjoyed some fun rides. To think we nearly lost him last spring this is all amazing and would definitely recommend Stuart’s chiropractic treatment.

Ellen Cooper

Gypsy has always been ‘cold backed’ with incredibly sensitive withers. She has had all the investigations done over the years with no answer being found. Stuart assessed her & did some chiropractic adjustments on her, he also gave us some massages to do ourselves. Gypsy’s treatment is on going but since starting the treatment we have been able to mount & ride without lunging first and for the first time ever no bucking. Stuart’s treatments have made an obvious difference & gypsy is now willing to stretch down & relax while ridden & not hollow her back or tense up.

Tia Lingley